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Interactive kiosk (touchscreen) - Museum Antoine Brun (69)


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Video Capture (slightly accelerated)
Game "rebuild a virtual wood model" in the museum Antoine Brun (Lyon).


musée antoine brun

Extraordinary character born in 1822 in Sainte-Consorce (69), Antoine Brun was a farmer passionated by the new illustrated magazines which spreaded beautiful pictures of monuments from around the world. For the first time brought to a large audience, the "Magasin Pittoresque" revealed the secrets of the New York Town Hall and the Afghani mausoleums. Fascinated by these pictures, Antoine Brun started to sculpt wood pieces and patiently shaped them to reproduce the slightest details of the original monuments. Throughout his whole life dedication to this art, Antoine Brun modeled about 160 architectural pieces from all continents.
The new museum Antoine Brun presents the actual models and the interactive kiosk created by Ysalide Multimedia.

antoine brun

The first part of the interactive kiosk presents each of the 160 models with a history recap, and information about the current state of the monument.
Technical aspect : thanks to an external management of the datas, the museum staff can update the content.


antoine brun

Screenshot of the interactive kiosk, "Le rêve de voyage".
: Isabelle Jouve assisted by Lars Wieneke. Graphik design and animations : Isabelle Jouve.
Flash programming
: Jean-Baptiste Armanet (>site).

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